Follow the instructions below for some possible troubleshooting scenarios. If the problem persists please contact .


+ I can’t get a good signal.

Please carry out the following checks and then try again:

1) check the position of the sensors on the body;
2) check the position of the brain in the pocket;
3) apply water/gel to the sensors;
4) tighten the garment if possible.


+ I can’t see my Brain ID in the list.

1) Ensure your smartphone’s Bluetooth radio is switched on and there is a brain in range.
2) Close down any other apps that are capable of pairing with an external heart rate monitor.
3) Check the brain is not paired with another BTLE device.
4) Reset the brain by putting it into the charger for a few seconds and then removing it.

+ My brain isn’t waking up.

1) Put the brain in the charger for at least 3 minutes then try again.
2) Firmly tap the brain and try to pair your app. The LED could have become faulty while the brain remains functional.

+ My brain won’t charge.

Connect the charger’s USB to the mains instead of a laptop or power bank.

+ My brain disconnects from my receiving device during a session.

Ensure the smartphone is close enough to the brain – we recommend arm strap or belt/pocket worn on the front of the body. However, all of the data is stored internally in the brain so you can sync it with the app at the end of your session.

Data & App

+ I can’t log into the app.

1) Ensure you have a data connection on your phone.
2) If you haven’t already set up your user profile follow the link to register.
3) If you have already registered use the link to reset your forgotten password.

+ My app isn’t showing speed or distance.

Ensure you have enabled location services on your smartphone. Please note that indoor activities such as treadmill running, stationary cycling, and yoga/pilates do not display speed or distance as default.

+ My data isn’t uploading to the website.

Ensure you have a good internet connection and retry.