ktp with salford university 

Dr Steve Preece is an expert in the biomechanics of human movement and the role of muscle coordination in musculoskeletal pathology. 

Working together in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership funded by Innovate UK, the project aims to embed the knowledge required for Smartlife to deploy wearable technology in sports and health applications by achieving 3 objectives:

1) accurately predict energy expenditure;

2) characterise running gait; and

3) measure muscle activation. 



Dr John Dickinson is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of exercise-related respiratory issues, using novel methods to measure respiratory mechanics during exercise.

The knowledge embedded as a result of our second Innovate UK-funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership aims to enable Smartlife to develop a versatile, low cost, garment-based method of diagnosing and treating dysfunctional breathing in athletes and other pathological populations.

Also supporting the project is Dr Sam Winter, a biomechanist bringing expertise in measuring the biomechanics of breathing.