Electrocardiogram (ECG): heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration and calorie burn

Surface electromyogram (sEMG): muscle utilisation, power

Electroencephalogram (EEG): brain activity

Electrooculogram (EOG): eye movement

Impedance pneumography: respiration

Impedance plethysmography: respiration, pressure

Accelerometry: steps, speed, impact, calorie burn


Further biophysical capabilities (e.g. temperature, sweat analysis) can be made available by integrating additional sensor components with the existing Smartlife system.



Protected by 5 patent families with patents registered in 23 global territories

Easy integration into any close fitting clothing which is in contact with the skin

100% textile sensors and soft fabric pocket (rather than press studs) feel comfortable against the skin

Discreet, integrating invisibly into a normal garment

More accurate than optical-based technology and independently validated by academic institutions

Highly versatile, performing well under all levels of physical exertion from sedentary to high impact

Manufactured on standard machines at a relatively low cost given capability of product



We have successfully adapted the sensor technology, normally used in sedentary situations, to accurately read body signals from sports garments where there is a high level of aggressive body movement.  Designed by leading sports garment technologists, our garments have integrated soft-sensors, are completely wire-free with no press-stud fastenings for electronics, and are machine washable.



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