+ What is Smartlife and what does it measure?

Smartlife is the next generation in wearable technology. It is the sensor technology inside your garment, the advanced algorithms that process your body data, and the actionable insight that can improve your training outcomes.

Smartlife measures heart rate, breathing, and movement, all from a normal garment. Simply put on your sports bra or t-shirt, connect the brain, and enjoy your work out. Smartlife is so comfortable and discreet you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

+ How does it work?

The Smartlife system comprises three main components: i) textile sensors integrated into a garment; ii) an electronic brain that processes data from the sensors; and (iii) an app to view your data and insight in real time.

How Smartlife Works


+ What are the sensors made from?

Smartlife sensors are made from silver yarn. Silver is a good conductor, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial.

+ Can I wash my garment?

Once you’ve removed the brain you can wash your Smartlife garment like any other piece of sportswear. We recommend a 40oc synthetic cycle without fabric conditioner and hanging to dry.

+ Where should the sensors be positioned on my body?

The images below indicate the correct position of a chest strap for men and women. The sensors should be at the front of the body, just under the bottom of the sternum (breast bone). The position shown in the men’s image is also true for the t-shirt and women’s sports bra.

For women wearing a chest strap with a standard sports bra, the strap should sit underneath, but not overlapping, the band of the bra.


Position for Men


Position for Women

+ Do the sensors have to touch my skin?

Yes, in the same way that a doctor must place a stethoscope against your skin to hear the internal sounds of your heart and lungs, Smartlife’s sensors must be in direct contact with the skin to detect the electrical signals generated when your heart beats.

+ Does the garment have to be tight?

The fit of the garment is very important. Our patented sensor design ensures good contact between the sensors and your skin to minimise motion artefact (noise that blurs the ECG signal caused by the sensors sliding across your skin). However, if the garment is not tight enough, especially during high intensity exercise, the sensors will be able to move and the clarity of the ECG signal will be reduced.

+ Do I have to wet the sensors?

To ensure the best possible signal we advise dampening the silver part of the sensor by dabbing it with a wet sponge or passing it under a lightly running tap. Water facilitates the transfer of the signal through the outer layers of the skin. The amount of water is not critical but warm water is recommended! The sensors also work well with electrode gel.


+ How do I charge my brain?

Place your brain in the Smartlife charger and plug the USB into a power source. Tap the brain to awaken it and check you can see a green flashing light. The light will turn solid green when the brain is fully charged.

+ How do I insert the brain in the garment

If you have an open fronted design like the one shown in the images on the left, please refer to this short video for help on inserting your brain into the garment pocket. New pockets can be a bit tight but will loosen off after use.

If you have a closed design like the image on the right, push the brain into the pocket from the top, ensuring that the metal pick-ups are touching the ends of the sensor pathways inside the pocket.

+ Does the orientation of the brain matter?

Yes, when in the garment, the dots on the casing should be facing to the right side of your body and the metal pick-ups on the brain should be facing your body.

+ How do I turn on the brain?

Ensure the brain has charge and then firmly double tap on the top until a light comes on.

+ How do I know if my brain has enough power?

The brain always starts up with a red LED, which will turn to blue if there is more than 10% charge. You can check the actual % charge at the top of the menu in the Smartlife app.

+ What do the different LED colours mean?

Flashing green: charging
Solid green: fully charged
Blue: charged at least 10%
Red: needs re-charging

On startup, the brain will cycle through green and red LED colours. Once the LED is blue you can continue with your activity.

When an ECG signal has been detected the brain will pulse in time with your heart beat.

+ How long does the brain’s battery last?

From fully charged, the battery will last 24 hours without use and up to 12 hours in use.

+ How long does it take to fully charge the brain?

It takes around 2-3 hours depending on the power source.

+ Does it work under water?

The brain is waterproof but the sensors have not been optimised for use under water just yet so we couldn't guarantee a good result.

+ Can I use my brain in a different Smartlife garment?

Yes, all brains are interoperable with any Smartlife garment.

Data & App

+ How do I download the app?

The app is not yet available on the app store. To become a beta tester you will be emailed an invitation to join our testing team in Crashlytics. Follow the instructions on screen to register your device. Once registered you’ll receive a second email inviting you to install the app.

+ Is there an Android version of the app?

Currently the app is only available on iOS but we will be developing an Android app in the near future.

+ Can I pair my brain with a different app, like Strava?

Yes, the Smartlife brain should work with any app or device that uses standard Bluetooth protocols. Refer to the device/app’s instructions for pairing an external heart rate monitor. Please note that the data will be limited to the metrics the 3rd party app/device supports, usually just heart rate.

+ Do I need to keep my iPhone/iPod with me when I’m training?

No, if you prefer to leave your smartphone at home or in your locker, simply pair the brain and leave your device behind while you train. At the end of your session, re-open the app to allow the brain to reconnect and wait for the data stored on your brain to sync.

+ What activities does Smartlife support?

You can use Smartlife to track your heart rate, breathing, and movement during any activity. Our app includes options for running, cycling, gym workouts, and yoga/pilates. Selecting indoor activities such as treadmill running, stationary cycling, and yoga/pilates, will not display the GPS-related data such as speed and distance.

+ Can I view my data online?

Yes, log into your account at with the same username and password as you use for the app. You can also download your session data as a CSV file.