Smartlife are specialists in smart garment technology.  We have developed innovative, patented textile sensors, electronics and firmware that are capable of detecting the body’s biophysical signals, and delivering actionable insight to users via mobile apps.

Our sensors and electronics can be integrated into any close-fitting clothing, and are protected by 26 patents in 6 patent families with further patent applications in progress.  

We partner with brands to power their smart clothing.  They choose us because our technology is discreet, exceptionally comfortable, and its accuracy is independently verified by leading academic institutions.  We offer an end-to-end solution from garment development to app design and implementation.  

Our technology is leading edge because we never stop innovating, constantly exploring new sensor capabilities, refining our algorithms, and delivering new insights for end users.

We are proud to be based in Manchester, famous as the beating heart of the textile industry during the Industrial Revolution.






Smartlife's IP and R&D origins began in Manchester's pre-eminent science university, UMIST.  A series of patents were registered that related to conductive soft sensors capable of detecting a range of biophysical data from the human body.


Over the following years a large number of projects were undertaken with significant commercial partners that demonstrated the value of our product's capabilities.  Founded in 2010, Smartlife Inc Ltd continued to invest in R&D and these proof of concept projects.


Keen to take the company forward, a new CEO was hired and the company strategy moved away from a proof of concept to a launch strategy centred around a smart garment for sport, the capabilities of which would be directly transferrable into other markets.

During the development of this project another product was born, the Smart Bandage, which now also sits in the company launch strategy.


In 2016 Smartlife received private equity funding and a new management structure was put in place to accelerate the launch and take the company forward.



We're a small team of dedicated professionals led by a senior management team of 4.

Mark Pedley Founder & Innovation Director

Mark Pedley

Founder & Innovation Director

Martin Ashby, MBA CEO

Martin Ashby, MBA


Clare Simpson, MSc Product Director

Clare Simpson, MSc

Product Director

Simon McDonald, PhD R&D Director

Simon McDonald, PhD

R&D Director